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Friends and Prayer Warriors-

I do not do this often, maybe one other time in 2 years. Please pray with me about this need and if God speaks to your heart in any way, please call or email me.

Three or four weeks ago a 15 year old Hispanic skate boarder was knived in the neck in Wichita Falls, where I live. He eventually died from the fatal wound. Kile Bateman, my pastor has a son, Lucas that played soccer with the young man stabbed. Our church reached out and Kile became great friends with the family. When the young man’s funeral was held, Kile preached it.

The family claimed to be catholic, but had little evidence of faith. At the funeral, the church was packed, mostly Hispanic. 900-1000 stood  to receive Christ when Pastor Kile prayed the prayer for salvation. It was miraculous!! It was overwhelming and there were no decision cards, follow up, etc. The young man’s father was one of those saved and is transformed.

He has great influence in the Hispanic community and wants to bring 200-300 of those who prayed to receive Christ to our church to be baptized and discipled. Our town  of over 100,000 is 1/3 Hispanic and there is not one evangelical Hispanic church that runs over a hundred, only a couple of Hispanic evangelical churches in the city. I  met with Pastor Kile  this week and the father wants to give a Bible to each one of the 300 that  will come, with his son’s initials on the Bible.

I can get 320 Bible with initials for $1440. I need to order them this week. I have talked to a business man that will help, but I still need $1000. Pastor Kile said our church can’t do this on their own. We need help. I am asking you to pray about this and ask God what He wants to do. Would you be willing to pray if He wants you to give and just do as He says? If He tells you nothing, do nothing but ask Him to meet the need. If He impresses you to give, give what He says.

Thanks for praying. If God impress you to give, you can send the check to me. Make the check out to : Evangel Temple.You will get giving credit. Blessings,

Eugene Bullard
PO Box 709
Holliday, TX 76366
940.733.5053 cell

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