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Do you have textbook or dental handpieces that you no longer use? Are you attending the ADA Annual Session in Las Vegas?

The ADA Division of Global Affairs will be collecting dental textbooks and dental handpieces for dental students and dentists in Haiti. For more information and a detailed list of the items being collected click here.

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The ADA Division of Global Affairs will be collecting dental textbooks and dental hand pieces for dental students and dentists in Haiti at the 2011 ADA Annual Session in Las Vegas. If you have handpieces and/or textbooks to donate, please bring them to Las Vegas. A collection bin will be found near the International Registration Area. Dentists in Haiti need handpieces that are in functional condition with the following specifications: four hole high speed with push button and four hole low speed with contra angle. Please do not bring hand-pieces without the specifications to Las Vegas; they will not be compatible with the equipment available in Haiti.


Dental textbooks are also needed. Specific titles and authors of the textbooks needed are available in the list linked below. Only textbooks with the specific titles and authors will be collected.

Questions? Please contact the ADA Division of Global Affairs, 312.440.2726 or

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